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What if someone said to you “I have been going to church a long time and never get much out of it” I would say that is similar to someone going to the gym every week and just standing there watching everyone else. You might be able to explain a lot of what goes on but you sure won’t get strong. In fact you will get weak and just stop going. Church, like the gym, takes preparation and participation. Our soul is like our bodies, it needs to be fed and exercised. If you want to be really strong not only do you have to prepare and participate once a week, you have to go more often than that.  
If you want to be successful at anything you have to prepare and participate and learn. No one on a winning team just shows up and sits there.  Feed your soul, exercise your will:

– Don’t go to be entertained, that is what the movies are for. Go to worship God and fulfill two of His commandments, Love God above all else and worship Him by keeping Holy the Sabbath Day.
–          Prepare by reading and reflecting upon the readings during the week.
–          Educated yourself in the faith, on exactly what is going on during the liturgy of the mass
–          Read scripture and the Catechism during the week.
–          If you have the opportunity go to mass during the week.
–          Use the sacrament of reconciliation often to strengthen your will, spirit and mind.
–          Don’t go to get something out of it, go to give something, yourself, to God and His community.

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