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The rosary has Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and now Luminous mysteries of Jesus life as seen through the scriptures.  As we say the rosary we try to meditate on the life of Christ. We can do this in many ways by thinking about Jesus in the time and place of the mystery or placing ourselves there with him in the scripture scene. We may be the one helping Him or observing as the mystery unfolds. The following is a personal meditation/reflection on the five sorrowful mysteries of the rosary done in a different sort of way. It looks at how our sometime insignificant actions can effect others. How the small things we do, the good and bad in this case, and how that can have an effect on the body of Christ.

Working in the garden, I start clearing a spot under a tree. There is a large stone there protruding from the ground. Soft grass is mixed with thorny weeds next to the rock. Instead of pulling the weeds and finishing my work, I kick back against the stone, soaking up the warm sun and take a nap. I figure no one will know and who am I hurting any way.

Next day working in a shop, I take a handful of small nails that have been hammered round on both ends and carefully sew them to the ends of long leather straps. After getting 12 done they are tied to a wooden handle with leather string. The handle is wrapped in fine black leather and gold thread. I really don’t give a thought who this thing might be used on. It looks deadly but it is not my concern, its just a job.

Later while taking a break outside a stranger passing by asks me if they can have some of the thorny brambles growing in the thicket on the side of the shop. Said they were going to good use. I told him he would have to pay me first. Even so I was irritated he even asked me so I gave him ones with very large thorns because I knew they would be hard to handle. I ask no questions nor care what they are for.

Back at the shop I start working on a wooden beam that I have been carving on the last few days. It is heavy and I struggle just to get it up on the bench. Just wanting to finish the work I carve it into a rough square shape. I don’t take much time to make it perfect. It is rough with lots of splintering wood and sharp edges. Just need to get the job done so I can leave early for the day. I have more important things to do.

Next day at the shop, stoke up the coal fire to make some large spikes. Taking rough steal rod I get it white hot. I pound the hot metal into a sharp point as sparks fly through the air the sound of steal hitting steal ringing in my ears. I wonder what such a nail would be used for but my mind quickly drifts off thinking about some things. As mentioned I have important things to do so I leave work early again after finishing only three large rough nails.

That night a man named Jesus was in the very garden I worked in a few days earlier. He was in agony and fell to his knees next to the same spot by the rock that was neglected the other day. The thorny bushes and weeds that had not been cleaned up jabbed into his flesh tearing at his hands in legs. He hardly seemed to noticed he was in such sorrow. blood dripped upon the rock I had taken a nap on. “Agony in the Garden Lk 22:41”

The following morning a roman solder enters the shop and purchases the whip with the black leather and gold handle that catches his eye. A few more fellows came in later that day and picked up 3 large nails and the wooden beam they had ordered. It took two men to carry it off.

Now Jesus is being tied to a pole in a yard with paved stones. A Roman solder cracks the air with the new whip that he just bought that morning. He lays it across the back of Jesus. Again and again. Blood drips from the leather straps as the metal and leather leave deep wounds on his body. The solder continues to whip his entire body over and over. “Scourging at the Piller Lk 23:16, Jn 19:1, Is 53:5

After the deadly beating they take him out and put what looks like a wreath made from the very thorns I had given the stranger the day before. They force it down upon his head. The thorns were so big and sharp they jabbed into his flesh. Blood drips from the thorny branches as they slap his face and ridicule him. “Crowning of Thorns Mk 15:16, Mt 27:29”

Now they drag him out and force him to pick up the that wooden beam I had carelessly worked on. The unfinished rough sharp edges cut into his shoulder and back and tear at his hands as he struggled to carry its weight. “Jesus carries His cross Jn 19:17”

Now I see him laying on the wooden beam. The nails made just the other day were being driven into his hands and feet. Nailing him fast to the rough wooden beam. I could hear the sound the hammer made and is smashed down on the spikes. The sound of metal on metal pierced my ears once again. “The Crucifixion of our Lord Lk 23:33″

I looked upon him who was crucified. I fell to the ground at the foot of the cross. He looked down at me and said “I forgive you, you knew not what you did”.

We are all part of the body of Christ. So ponder this, do we really think about what we do and don’t do, care or don’t care about and the impact it has on others, on the body of Christ.

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